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                        9807 - 196 A Street, Langley, BC, V1M 2X5


Dispatch :  604-882-3571   Toll Free:  1-888-740-3322

Dispatch Fax: 604-882-2664


Customer Order Service

      Here at Ken Johnson Trucking we are striving to make load co-ordinating simpler and more efficient. To accomplish that goal we are implementing a service to give our customers the opportunity to send order requests at their convenience. You no longer need to wait for Dispatch phone lines to be open. In the event you place your order when dispatch is closed dispatch will contact you with regards to your order the next business day. This will benefit our customers by saving you time spent on the telephone. Please follow the link below to the order form. Once you have completed the order form please email or fax it to dispatch.

Order form instructions

Customer Order Form


If you have any comments to improve this service, or questions regarding it we would like to hear from you.

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